Workshops, Seminars, and Keynotes

Workshops and seminars:

Lucille delivers virtual training sessions on effective communication. She also offers hybrid and in-person programmes at your official premises.

As a communications facilitator, Lucille offers workshops and seminars to sharpen your skills and amplify your influence. Her sessions range from nonverbal communication, presentation skills, and interpersonal skills to business writing. Moreover, senior executives have rated her day-long seminars on leadership communication, persuasion, and influence 4.8/5 and 4.9/5 on different occasions.  Whether you’re a professional, business owner, entrepreneur, or leader, her programmes will sharpen your skills and get you results.

Lucille’s sessions are interactive, informative, and fun. You can thank her years of facilitating lectures and seminars at a globally ranked, double-accredited business school in Africa for her ease of delivering practical, enjoyable sessions. But be warned: You won’t get away with little or no engagement. This international award-winning communications trainer is committed to ensuring every participant derives maximum value from her programmes. So come prepared to unlearn and relearn communication skills that will make you more visible, credible, and persuasive.

Keynotes and speaking engagements: 

Whenever you need a keynote speaker, facilitator, or guest judge at a local Toastmasters Club event, contact Lucille. She’ll be delighted to share her insights on effective business communication with your audience.

For virtual and live keynotes in Nigeria, email to request her speaker fees and terms.

To book Lucille’s international keynotes and other speaking stints (outside Nigeria), check out her speaker’s profile at Africa Speakers Group, All American Entertainment, and A-Speakers bureaus. Contact the organisations for more information.

Invite her to deliver hard-hitting keynotes and other speaking engagements. Then watch her inspire people to achieve incredible feats. Your attendees will leave Lucille’s keynotes energised and ready to make an impact in their fields. And they’ll thank you for their experience.

Key communication segments:

Nonverbal communication to boost credibility and trigger trust
Public speaking to win hearts and coax action
Interpersonal communication to strengthen teams and increase collaboration
Business writing to inspire and persuade

Topics Lucille specialises in:

Assertive communication (desirable for female executives and leaders)
Interpersonal communication to boost team dynamics (including oral communication and business writing)
Persuasive communication to trigger collaboration
Nonverbal communication to sharpen leadership credibility
Effective communication in virtual interactions
Clear cross-cultural communication to promote representation and inclusion
Workshops, Seminars, and Keynotes

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