One-on-One Coaching in Public Speaking & Business Writing

Picture the following scenarios:

a) You’ve just been promoted to a position that is a very big deal. You’re now required to write regularly to a diverse group of people – shareholders, those in plush offices in the C-suite, colleagues, direct reports, and to the media.

b) You’ve launched a business that is certain to ‘disrupt’ your industry. You need to start attracting investors/partners by delivering the perfect pitches/presentations.

c) Your company wants to start swimming with other big fish in the small pond to win contracts. You need to differentiate your business.

Now imagine how difficult it will be to achieve those goals if you struggle to speak persuasively, or if you fail to write clearly.

For public speaking:

Lucille will work with you and your executives to identify the roots of your public speaking problems. She will draw upon best practices and the latest insights from research to coach you so that you can inspire action with your memorable speeches and presentations.

And having worked as a facilitator in one of the top 50 business schools in the world (globally ranked by the Financial Times of London), Lucille has amassed useful experience in public speaking. 

In her bestselling book ‘Influence and Thrive’, she dedicates an entire section to powerful public speaking to win hearts. Some areas she covers in her coaching sessions include starting with a bang, using ‘open’ nonverbal cues to trigger trust, connecting with storytelling, using PowerPoint effectively, and ending strong.

For written communication:

Lucille draws upon her considerable experience in business writing to help you hone this critical skill. With over 20 years of experience in business writing (beginning from her first job right out of university), she’s comfortable writing to any audience. She provides practical techniques to equip you with the knowledge and tools for success.

Lucille’s multi-award-winning blog is a testament to her masterful writing skills. It’s also the only Africa-based website to feature among the top 30 communication blogs on Feedspot authoritative ranking.

If you follow through on her recommendations at the end of her intensive coaching programme, you’ll notice an undeniable improvement in your writing capabilities. And people would commend your transformation.

But be warned: Only the committed and disciplined will see results. So don’t sign up for her intensive, often gruelling coaching sessions if you’re unable to commit to the work involved.

One-on-One Coaching in Public Speaking & Business Writing

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