In this month back in 2012, I impulsively wrote my first article on my BlackBerry device and then published it on this blog.

I’ve told this blog’s origin story many times in the last 12 years—not only for those who hadn’t heard it. I routinely share the story for my benefit, to remind me of how far I’ve come and to motivate me to stay the course.

As I take stock of the achievements of this blog, I reflect on how blogging every month for 12 years has sharpened my skills.

Therefore, to encourage you in your writing journey, below are the three biggest lessons I’ve learned:

#1:  Sharpened critical reasoning skills

For 12 years, I’ve written in season and out of season.

I’ve committed to writing every month through any circumstance. And I’ve survived the lows:  writer’s block, lack of motivation, unemployment, health concerns, sadness, and grief.

But what I’ve found reassuring is that writing insightful articles has improved my research and critical reasoning skills.

Clear writing is a product of clear thinking. So, it’s impossible to make sense, draw logical conclusions from different data, or even formulate original insights to persuade your readers if you don’t critically assess your premises.

Moreover, my analytical skills, which I’ve been able to develop and sharpen over the years, seep into my speaking in some magical manner.

Commit to writing consistently, and you’ll discover that your thinking and speaking skills become richer and more intentional.

Critical reasoning makes you a more persuasive communicator.

#2:  Amplified credibility

It’s difficult to write well. I state this all the time because writing to get the readers to think something new or feel something profound entails the following:

i) reading well-written materials in different genres (to expose you to interesting styles, train your brain to recognise and save them, and help you replicate them when appropriate)

ii) having a good understanding of grammar and punctuation and then knowing when to break stiff grammatical rules to ease comprehension

iii) prioritising the reader’s experience by ensuring that relevance is the heart of your writing so you connect emotionally

iv) writing regularly (so you do the reps: the more you write, the quicker you improve your writing chops)

v) using the non-negotiable three ‘rules’ of business writing and other best practices to ensure correctness and completeness

In my 12 years of writing, my credibility has significantly improved. People consider me an expert in business communication, and since 2017, this blog has won multiple awards. Then, in 2023, the International Association of Top Professionals (New York, USA) named me the ‘Top Communications Trainer of the Year’ based on my work and impact. My work has been evident on this blog and LinkedIn, where I  share my communication formulas/techniques and provide value for effective business communication. Another major milestone was being ranked #8 in the 2024 Global Gurus communication list—which would have been impossible without my book and building credibility with my blog articles.

The sharpened credibility has also led to speaking and communication training programmes, for which I’ve been grateful.

People begin to notice when you commit to writing about trends in your field, sharing your thoughts, challenging popular opinions, or providing edutainment on social media platforms. Then professionals, executives, and leaders will contact you and invite you to share your expertise with their audiences.

My speaking opportunities, business communication training business, and lecturing at one of the top 50 business schools globally have all been direct and indirect outcomes of my consistent blogging over the years.

Writing regularly set me on a pathway I never expected. It also helped me find my passion: teaching and training people to communicate effectively to influence people and get results.

#3: Increased influence

Related to the previous point, you’ll discover that compelling writing leads to increased influence in your circles and beyond.

Because it’s uncommon for excellence to remain hidden, your authoritative writing will announce you from afar and signal your brilliance beyond your region. This has been my experience.

Superb writing opens doors to collaboration and consulting. It also enables you to capture the attention of influential people, helping you to reach influencers in whose circles you never mingle. You can also use your writing skills to generate support for a worthwhile cause or inspire change.

When I contact bigwigs on LinkedIn by sending them private messages, they check out my profile before accepting or responding to my requests. Some people I’ve considered out of my league have connected with me and responded positively—even if they sometimes declined a request.

Activate your writing skills to reach influential people and exchange ideas with them, and  two things will happen:

a) You amplify your knowledge and sharpen your reasoning because iron sharpens iron.

b) You increase your influence because those people with clout highlight your contributions and introduce you to their networks.

That’s why the premise of my business communication bestseller ‘Influence and Thrive’ is simple: Learn effective communication skills, hone them, and then use them to influence people and thrive in your field.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have ‘connections’ or are unknown in your industry. Write about what you know, have learned or have researched. Write about what obsesses you. Write to move hearts in your favour.

Pair a discipline for writing with a solid grasp of the technical aspects of the craft (punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and ‘flow’), and you heighten your pervasiveness.

Superb business writing boosts your influence and enables you to advocate for what’s important to you at work, in business, or in your social circles.


So, as I count the blessings that writing for 12 years has brought me, I remain committed to further improvements because the journey is the lesson.

Therefore, wherever you are on your writing path, if you want to reap the benefits I’ve listed in this post or achieve more, do this:

Build and refine your writing muscles, month after month, year after year.

Writing well will change your life. It did mine.

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