The Three Biggest Lessons From 12 Years Of Blogging

What do you gain when you write thought-provoking articles every month for 12 years? In this post, Lucille Ossai, the bestselling author of ‘Influence and Thrive’ and editor of the multi-award-winning Rethinking Business Communications Blog, lists the three biggest lessons she’s learned in her writing journey. She also explains what you should do to reap the benefits of writing she’s enjoyed. Share widely.

3 Brilliant Life Lessons From A Decade Of Blogging

What critical life lessons would you learn if you blogged about communication and management every month for a decade? As the Rethinking Business Communications Blog clocks 10, founder and blog editor Lucille Ossai reflects on her blog journey. She reveals three brilliant lessons she learned, one of which explains a skill that generates massive support in current events, such as the Russia-Ukraine war in 2022.