The Three Biggest Lessons From 12 Years Of Blogging

What do you gain when you write thought-provoking articles every month for 12 years? In this post, Lucille Ossai, the bestselling author of ‘Influence and Thrive’ and editor of the multi-award-winning Rethinking Business Communications Blog, lists the three biggest lessons she’s learned in her writing journey. She also explains what you should do to reap the benefits of writing she’s enjoyed. Share widely.

What You Need To Know About Leadership Communication, Persuasion, And Influence

Effective leadership doesn’t happen by chance. You can differentiate yourself from your peers by following four simple principles. In this article, Lucille Ossai, an international award-winning communications trainer, reveals what you must note about leadership communication, persuasion, and influence to excel in the 21st century. Take her recommendations seriously.

I Wrote to Michelle Obama To Request A Favour – Here’s What I Learned

Don’t let self-doubt or a fear of failure stop you from taking bold actions – such as writing to Michelle Obama to request a favour. But before you type a single word, you must prepare thoroughly. In this article, Lucille Ossai provides snapshots of her message to Michelle Obama and shares what she learned from her experience.

Effective Communication: The Secret To Influencing People And Thriving

Effective communication is the ‘secret’ weapon you’d need to influence people and thrive in your field. Lucille Ossai reveals the key elements of her new communication blueprint ‘Influence and Thrive’ and provides compelling reasons you should buy the book and do what it says if you want results that stick.