Three Potent Reasons You Should Switch To Timed Video Presentations

Timed presentations are your secret weapon in your speaking arsenal. In this post, Lucille Ossai, keynote speaker, shares three potent reasons to ditch PowerPoint and use timed mp4 presentations — based on the success of her speech at the DisruptHR Lagos 2.0 event in April 2024.

The Three Biggest Lessons From 12 Years Of Blogging

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Three Non-Negotiable Points To Address When Writing To Clinch An MBA Scholarship

You’re applying for an MBA scholarship, and you’ve been told to write a ‘personal statement’ or similar piece to support your application. Now, swap ‘MBA scholarship’ for any scholarship category, and the dilemma remains. Note three non-negotiable points you must tackle to heighten your persuasiveness and curry favour with the decision-makers.

5 Reasons You Should Speak Your Way To Incredible Opportunities

Ah, yes, public speaking. It always filled you with dread. It still does, by the way. But you can’t avoid it indefinitely. In this article, self-professed introvert and keynote speaker Lucille Ossai provides five compelling reasons to speak more often and practical tips on improving your speaking chops. Share widely.

The Top 8 Posts Of 2023 To Catapult Your Communication Skills

As you reflect on your journey in 2023, arm yourself with evergreen communication techniques. Gain valuable insights from eight of the year’s most useful articles published on the multi-award-winning Rethinking Business Communications Blog. In this post, Lucille Ossai, an international award-winning communications trainer, generously provides easy-to-implement communication tactics that will catapult your skills in 2024.