In 2023, I was again reminded that some evergreen practices for refining your communication skills remain…evergreen.

I was fortunate to have done it all during the year:

  • lectured at a double-accredited, globally ranked business school
  • facilitated communication sessions for executive MBA participants
  • delivered seminars for public and private sector clients
  • participated in a fireside chat with the CEO of a global nonprofit
  • sat as a judge in an MBA mini-keynote competition
  • conducted a three-month one-on-one coaching programme for an ambitious female executive in the oil industry

In all my interactions, I gained insights while interacting with diverse audiences. And I realised that the path to becoming an ‘expert’ communicator was unending. But that’s the point because the moment you stop learning and become complacent, the quicker you become irrelevant in your field.

Therefore, to help you sharpen your communication skills so you begin the new year with a bang, I’ve carefully selected eight of the most helpful articles I published in 2023. These posts are chock-full of practical tips and insights to ensure you remain relevant throughout 2024. 

#1: Off to University? Practise Four Simple Communication Principles To Succeed

Published: January 2023

You’re a young adult who has accepted that admission offer and has excitedly made the preparations. You’re looking forward to beginning the next stage of your life at university. To set yourself up for success on campus and when you graduate, carefully practise these four communication principles.

Note: I penned this article after an emotional airport send-off of my first child, Jason. He left the shores of Nigeria to begin his undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. The LinkedIn post where I narrated the scenario touched a nerve and quickly went viral (based on my posts’ history) with 27,450+ views,  340 reactions, and 90 comments. Read it here.

#2: Ten Hard Truths About Superb Business Writing That No One Told You—Until Now

Published: March 2023

No one told you what it would take to polish your business writing skills. As a multi-award-winning blogger who’s been blogging for over a decade, I reveal everything in this detailed article. I list ten hard truths to guide you in your journey. Take the advice seriously to amplify your skills.

#3: Ten Hard Truths About Excellent Public Speaking That No One Told You—Until Now

Published: April 2023

Similarly, no one has really told you what it would take to hone your speaking skills. In this helpful article, I provide ten brutal truths you must accept to speak powerfully in your skin.

#4: What You Need To Know About Leadership Communication, Persuasion, And Influence

Published: May 2023

Effective leadership doesn’t happen by chance. Learn to differentiate yourself from your peers by following four simple principles. In this article, I reveal what you must note about leadership communication, persuasion, and influence to excel in the 21st century.  

Note: The insights I shared in this post are based on incredible takeaways from multiple leadership seminars I facilitated for executives from one of the nation’s top four banks.

#5: Effective Communication: Four Practical Ways To Connect With International Professionals

Posted: June 2023

Learn four simple ways to connect with international professionals across regions and boost collaboration with effective communication. In this article, as an international award-winning communications trainer, I share insights from my keynote fireside chat at the Vibe Summit 2023 — powered by the global not-for-profit World Commerce & Contracting.

#6: The 3 Ps Of Persuasive Writing To Trigger Results

Posted: August 2023

Sooner or later, you’d be required to write a persuasive piece under tight constraints. Learn the three Ps of persuasive writing and note how they will elevate your work so you intrigue the reader and trigger results.

#7: Persuasive Communication: Three Steps To ‘Know Your Audience’

Posted: September 2023

You’ve been repeatedly advised to ‘know your audience’ when seeking to communicate persuasively. But what does that entail? Note three steps to ensure you analyse the audience, connect with them, and inspire them to action.

#8: The 4 Cs Of Captivating Presentations

Posted: November 2023

Moving your audience with your presentation skills is more difficult these days. They’ve heard it all and seen it all. However, with the four Cs—confidence, conciseness, clarity, and conviction—you’d deliver captivating presentations they won’t forget. Learn how.


Whatever your experiences in 2023, know there’s always an opportunity for growth. The good news is that even minor tweaks you consistently make in your communication skills compound over time.

So, I urge you to grasp at least one takeaway from each of the eight articles listed above and become committed to applying it when communicating to influence people.

To your surefire success in 2024!

Over to you:

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