The Top 8 Posts Of 2023 To Catapult Your Communication Skills

As you reflect on your journey in 2023, arm yourself with evergreen communication techniques. Gain valuable insights from eight of the year’s most useful articles published on the multi-award-winning Rethinking Business Communications Blog. In this post, Lucille Ossai, an international award-winning communications trainer, generously provides easy-to-implement communication tactics that will catapult your skills in 2024.

What You Need To Know About Leadership Communication, Persuasion, And Influence

Effective leadership doesn’t happen by chance. You can differentiate yourself from your peers by following four simple principles. In this article, Lucille Ossai, an international award-winning communications trainer, reveals what you must note about leadership communication, persuasion, and influence to excel in the 21st century. Take her recommendations seriously.

From Politics to Corporateville – Top 5 Mistakes Leaders Make

Leadership is no easy feat. And when it is done genuinely, without fear or favour, it can often be lonely –  you defending your principles or holding on to your integrity. Indeed,  after the ‘prestige’ of a  position wears off or its ‘sheen’ is dulled by the unyielding harshness […]

Why Commitment Would ALWAYS Matter

Don’t yawn. I know that organisational commitment is often overlooked in the plethora of management-related themes because it is considered passé or simplistic. More ‘important’ themes such as employee engagement, organisational effectiveness, culture and leadership tend to dominate serious discussions. In fact, […]