Ten Hard Truths About Excellent Public Speaking That No One Told You—Until Now

No one has really told you what it would take to hone your speaking skills. In this useful article, Lucille Ossai, a facilitator, speaker, and international award-winning communications trainer reveals all. She lists ten tough truths you must accept to speak powerfully in your own skin.

Ten Hard Truths About Superb Business Writing That No One Told You—Until Now

No one told you what it would take to polish your business writing skills. In this detailed article, Lucille Ossai, a multi-award-winning blogger who’s been blogging for over a decade, reveals all. She lists ten hard truths to guide you in your journey. Take her generous advice seriously to amplify your skills.

Off to University? Practise Four Simple Communication Principles To Succeed

You’ve accepted that admission offer and have excitedly made the preparations. You’re looking forward to beginning the next stage of your life at university. To set yourself up for success on campus and when your graduate, carefully practise these four communication principles.

Four Pillars Of Exceptional Business Presentations To Make You Unforgettable

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to deliver stellar business presentations. You can easily find excellent books, resources, and courses on the topic. However, best practices can be distilled into four pillars, one of which Steve Jobs was renowned for. Know what these non-negotiable pillars are, and then use them to deliver exceptional presentations that make you unforgettable.