Four Pillars Of Exceptional Business Presentations To Make You Unforgettable

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to deliver stellar business presentations. You can easily find excellent books, resources, and courses on the topic. However, best practices can be distilled into four pillars, one of which Steve Jobs was renowned for. Know what these non-negotiable pillars are, and then use them to deliver exceptional presentations that make you unforgettable.

Want Communication Coaching? Great! But Ask Yourself Three Critical Questions

You’ve heard that one-on-one coaching works wonders for your communication skills. But before you dedicate time, money, and effort to a programme, ask three critical questions to assess your preparedness. In this article, Lucille Ossai, a bestselling author, communication coach and advisor, guides you through the self-assessment process and gives you tips to make the right decision.

Incivility At The Workplace: What It’s Costing Your Company And How To Solve It

Incivility at the workplace is a scourge that professionals continue to face in their careers. Learn what it is and how it negatively impacts business results. Then adopt the recommendations made in this article to battle this problem and make employees feel safe to do their best work.