Professionals & Business Leaders Must Hone Their Communication Skills In 2020. Here’s Why

Tough competition awaits you in 2020, so you must position yourself for success. As an ambitious professional or proactive business leader, recognise these three powerful reasons to reskill or upskill your communication capabilities. Then adopt the recommendations given to excel.

Perseverance – The Invaluable Tool For Successful Careers

Perseverance forms character and leads to lasting results. For success in your career, find out why you should prioritise this admirable quality and develop grit, as advised by Angela Lee Duckworth, whose TED talk is included in this article.

Also be inspired by the personal account of Lucille Ossai’s eight-year journey to landing a dream job.

Discussion Forum #5 – What Has Been Your Proudest Career Moment?

We’ve all been there… Often boggled down by unreasonable deadlines, non-existent support from bosses, sadistic colleagues who gleefully plot our falls from grace, and stressful work cultures, we’ve (silently) threatened to quit. Or we’ve daydreamed about leaving corporateville altogether and […]