In Defence Of Effective Communication Skills

‘Hard’ skills—including blockchain, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence—are all the rage at the moment. Yet, effective communication, a ‘soft’ skill, increases persuasion and boosts results. Learn three compelling reasons to improve your communication skills so that you future-proof your career.

The Lucille Ossai Communications Toolbox: Ask Lucille Ossai #1

The Lucille Ossai Communications Toolbox has been launched. Get free, quick, actionable advice and tips for your pressing communication-related enquiries from Lucille Ossai, award-winning communications blogger.

By using the hashtag #LucilleOssaiCommsToolbox on LinkedIn, you’d benefit from her experience in writing, lecturing, coaching and training. Equip yourself with best practices in public speaking and business writing for greater effectiveness in your business or career.

Organisational Effectiveness: Why It Should Be Taken Very Seriously

I started a discussion in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) group on LinkedIn about two months ago on organisational effectiveness. (LinkedIn is quickly becoming my preferred social media platform for the exchange of ideas, for gaining insights from diverse groups […]