What You Need To Know About Leadership Communication, Persuasion, And Influence

Effective leadership doesn’t happen by chance. You can differentiate yourself from your peers by following four simple principles. In this article, Lucille Ossai, an international award-winning communications trainer, reveals what you must note about leadership communication, persuasion, and influence to excel in the 21st century. Take her recommendations seriously.

The Nine-Year Journey: Communication Insights You Need To Excel

The Rethinking Business Communications Blog has clocked nine! As its founder and editor, Lucille Ossai celebrates its anniversary, she shares quotes from the insightful articles that she wrote in the period being reviewed. Read the articles; expand your knowledge of best practices in business communication; then go influence people and thrive in your field.

Three Simple, Profound Lessons From 2020 To Enhance Your Life

2020 has been tough. From the impact of the coronavirus pandemic to the #BlackLivesMatter and #EndSARS movements, loss has been the operative word. Nevertheless, the year has revealed three simple but profound lessons that you should be mindful of as you seek to thrive in 2021.