The Lucille Ossai Communications Toolbox: Ask Lucille Ossai #2 (Developing Writing Skills)

In this segment, Lucille tackles the enquiry of developing writing skills. She gives away useful nuggets that are often only revealed in paid seminars or training sessions. This post thus provides undisputed value.

Get free, quick, actionable advice and tips for your pressing communication-related enquiries from this award-winning communications blogger.

Perseverance – The Invaluable Tool For Successful Careers

Perseverance forms character and leads to lasting results. For success in your career, find out why you should prioritise this admirable quality and develop grit, as advised by Angela Lee Duckworth, whose TED talk is included in this article.

Also be inspired by the personal account of Lucille Ossai’s eight-year journey to landing a dream job.

Three Years Of Blogging…In Memorable Quotes (PART 2)

And the second segment in this celebratory series takes off…  6) “Happy workers increase productivity, go the ‘extra mile’ and become willing cheerleaders…of companies’ brands, thereby boosting their reputations”. Post: Discussion Forum #2 – What Would Make You Happy At […]